# Environments

There are 2 environments: staging and production.

# Staging

All the initial setup, tests phase etc... have to be done on the staging environment. It is a sandbox where some behaviors of the plaftorm are mocked. For instance:

  • Purchase links cannot be sent by SMS. Only by email.
  • OTP control is disabled (OTP stands for One Time Password to check phone number is valid).
  • No control on amount of purchases, number of orders for a single buyer etc...

# Staging backend host


# Staging frontend host


# Staging test cards

You can use test cards in the staging environment.

The expiration date should be in the future: 02/25 for instance.

The CVC can be any 3 digits number: 222 for instance.

The card number can be one of the following:

Number Description
4242424242424242 Visa card - United States
4000000760000002 Card from Brazil
4000002500003155 To simulate 3DS Authentication (Complete/Fail)
4000000000009995 To test the funnel with a card that is rejected for insufficient funds
4000000000009979 To test the funnel with a card that is rejected because it's been declared as stolen
378282246310005 American Express card

Additionnal test card numbers are available in the Stripe documentation (opens new window).

The staging merchant dashboard can be found in https://staging.dashboard.ecard.pledg.co/#/ (opens new window)

Many integration examples are available on the staging merchant demo (opens new window).

The easiest way to integrate the solution is to copy/paste the code of the most relevant example and to adapt it to your particular needs.

# Production

Production account creation is limited

You cannot create an account directly in production.

# Production backend host


# Production frontend host


# Summary

What ? URL Staging and Production
Integration by Plugin https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/pledg-assets/ecard-plugin/staging/plugin.min.js https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/pledg-assets/ecard-plugin/master/plugin.min.js
Integration by Redirection https://staging.front.ecard.pledg.co/purchase... https://front.ecard.pledg.co/purchase...
API refund (wire transfer) https://staging.back.ecard.pledg.co/api/purchases/.../credit_by_transfer... https://back.ecard.pledg.co/api/purchases/.../credit_by_transfer...
API purchase link creation https://staging.back.ecard.pledg.co/api/purchase_link... https://back.ecard.pledg.co/api/purchase_link...