# Payment solution

The payment solution developed by Pledg (opens new window) allows a merchant to propose different payment types to its customers.

# Payment types

Different payment types are available for the merchant.

Payment type Description
Installment The payment is shared in several installments
Deferred The payment is completed only after a certain delay
Split The payment is shared between the customer and the specified co-buyers
Down Payment The payment is shared between a deposit and a balance

# Integration modes

The solution can be integrated following different integration modes.

Once the solution is integrated, the merchant has just to call the Pledg solution with the settings of the purchase and the payment funnel is then displayed to the customer who can enter the details of his bank card.

Type Description
Javascript plugin A JS plug in embeded in the merchant payment page
Redirection Redirect the user to the Pledg payment page
CMS modules A module that can be integrated on the main e-commerce platforms
Purchase links Direct purchase link generation (QR code, sms, email ...)

# Payment modes

Once the purchase is completed by the customer, the method used by Pledg to pay the merchant depends on the chosen payment mode.

Two modes are available: Back or Transfer.

Back mode method generates an eCard (virtual card):

  • it's a debit bank card provisioned with 100% of the amount of the purchase.
  • it's sent to merchant's PSP (Payment Service Provider) to be authorized/captured.

Transfer mode method is passive:

  • Pledg sends daily a bank wire transfer to the bank of the merchant.
  • Amount of the wire transfer is the sum of the successful orders of the day before.

# Contact

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