# Payment solution

The payment solution developed by Pledg (opens new window) allows a merchant to propose different payment types to its customers.

# Payment types

Different payment types are available for the merchant.

Payment type Description
Installment The payment is shared in several installments
Deferred The payment is completed only after a certain delay
Split The payment is shared between the customer and the specified co-buyers
Down Payment The payment is shared between a deposit and a balance

... and various possible adaptations such as Payment on the 5th of the following month etc...

# Integration modes

Depending on merchant's environment, various integration modes are available.

Type Description
Javascript plugin A JS plug in embeded in the merchant payment page
Redirection Redirect the user to the Pledg payment page
CMS modules A module that can be integrated on the main e-commerce platforms
Purchase links Direct purchase link generation (QR code, sms, email ...)

# Payment modes

Once the purchase is completed by the customer, the method used by Pledg to pay the merchant depends on the chosen payment mode.

Two modes are available: Back or Transfer.

# Back mode

This method generates an eCard (virtual card):

  • it's a debit bank card provisioned with 100% of the amount of the purchase.
  • it's sent to merchant's PSP (Payment Service Provider) through a server to server API call to be authorized/captured.

# Transfer mode

This method is passive:

  • Pledg sends daily a bank wire transfer to the bank account of the merchant.
  • Amount of the wire transfer is the sum of the successful orders of the day before, net of refunds.

# Contact

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