# 3DS

The 3DS version used for the payment depends on:

  • The card issuer enrollment
  • The configuration of the PSP of the merchant

The virtual cards generated by the card issuers called by Pledg (Arkea, Edenred and Manager One) are pre-enrolled 3DS2.

Therefore, if the PSP of the merchant is configured to use:

  • 3DS2: it works frictionless
  • 3DS1: the merchant should deactivate the 3DS verification for the Pledg virtual cards, which can be identified with their BIN:
    • 513218 (for Arkea)
    • 522719 (for Edenred corporate)
    • 531014 (for Edenred consumer)
    • 48719434 (for Manager One corporate)
    • 48719334 (for Manager One consumer)